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Windsor Ontario homeowners can now be the total envy of the neighborhood with beautiful high-quality Marvin Window and Door products available from Lakeshore Windows and Doors the area’s authorized Marvin Windows and Doors Dealer. If you don’t mind the traffic stopping outside of your home admiring your windows and doors then calling Lakeshore Windows and Doors is probably the right decision!

Most people relate high quality with high prices. We’re not going to lie to you, our Marvin Window products aren’t the cheapest but that old saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to today’s windows and doors. Do you want your windows and doors looking great and maintaining your families home efficiency your many many years down the road? Then Marvin Windows and Doors is a no-brainer, you will save in the long run guaranteed!

Lakeshore Windows and Doors is a family owned and operated business, we are homeowners and we only deliver the products, pricing and window installation services that we would come to expect for our own home!

Lakeshore Windows and Doors fully services the Windsor Ontario Windows and Doors market with the world famous Marvin Window and Door products. Whether you are looking for Fiberglass Windows, Aluminum Clad Windows, Vinyl Replacement Windows, Custom Wood Windows, Historical Windows, Commercial Windows or Contemporary Windows, Lakeshore Windows and Doors always works hard to go above and beyond our customers expectations.

The world famous Marvin Window and Door product lineup available to Windsor Ontario area homeowners from Lakeshore Windows and Doors wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t also offer professional and precision Window and Door Installation services to go alongside these great products. What you spend on the products themselves you will save on the installation. At Lakeshore Windows and Doors we pride ourselves on having the best installers with the best pricing on window and door installation services… so it all equals out in the end! Don’t settle for second rate window installers, get the best professional Window and Door Installers in the area.

REMEMBER: When you purchase windows and doors from us the same guys who show up at your home to install your new windows and doors were the same ones who you dealt with during the sales and quoting process! Not too many window and door companies can say that!

Windsor Ontario the best windows and doors are now available in your area!

World famous manufacturer Marvin Windows builds Fiberglass Windows and Vinyl Energy Star window and door products to meet or exceed all standards! If you want high efficiency windows to alleviate drafts in your home, we can assure you the most cost-effective way to exceed your expectations. Marvin Windows have been in business for 10 decades, not many manufacturers can stay in business that long without producing the absolute highest quality window and door products – hands down! Call Lakeshore Windows and Doors the authorized Marvin dealer in the Windsor Ontario area to get all the details on the Marvin Window and Door Products!

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You’ve spent many evenings on the families computer hours clicking through windows and door companies in Ontario online, browsing through the internet looking for the best window and door companies, window products and window installers available in the Windsor Ontario area. You’ve looked at Northstar Windows, Pella Windows, Vinylbilt Windows, Clera Windows, Centennial Windows, Andersen Windows, Rona Windows, Home Depot Windows and ton’s of other window and door companies online but you keep clicking back to Lakeshore Windows and WHY? you know that Marvin Windows and Doors are world famous for their absolute beauty and quality. We don’t blame you!

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